Samurai showdown clipart

Shiro Tokisada Amakusa, slain in Japan of 1638 by the forces of the non-fictional shogun dictator Tokugawa Shogunate for his part in the Shimabara tax revolt, is an actual person and Japan’s most famous Japanese Roman Catholic martyr. In 1788, Amakusa is resurrected as an akuma from making a deal with the dark god Ambrosia by bringing the evil entity into the world by using the Palenke stone and its energy. Driven by hatred for the Shogunate and having a nihilistic streak towards the world, he unleashes his dark powers to bring chaos to all of existence. An assortment of warriors—some historic, some fictional—converge upon the source of the chaos, each driven by their own reasons and those warriors are: Haohmaru – the main hero; a ronin who travels to sharpen his swordsmanship and his sense of bushido.
Nakoruru – an Ainu miko who fights to protect Mother Nature.
Ukyo Tachibana – an ailing swordsman who searches for the perfect flower for his loved one, Kei.
Wan-fu – a power general from the Qing dynasty seeking to recruit powerful warriors for the unification of China.
Tam Tam – renowned hero from the fictional city Greenhell; he fights to retrieve the sacred artifact, the Palenke Stone.
Charlotte Christine Colde – a noblewoman fencer from Versailles who fights to save her country from Amakusa.
Galford D. Weiler – American surfer turned ninja who fights in the name of justice.
Kyoshiro Senryo – famed kabuki performer who wishes to strengthen his dances through swordplay.
Earthquake – American ninja flunkie turned bandit, he wants to steal all the world’s treasure.
Hanzo Hattori – ninja serving Ieyasu Tokugawa. In this fictional account, he fights to save his son, Shinzo.
Jubei Yagyu – similar to other fictional accounts, he is a ronin hired by the Shogonate to execute a demon.
Gen-an Shiranui – an eccentric member of the Shiranui clan, he strives to make himself more evil.

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